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**** Excellent                                        
Title: Roses Never Fade
Author  Dyana Lunaris
Publisher     Silk's Vault Publishing, LLC
Publisher's website      www.silksvault.com
ISBN not available
Length 202 Pages
Genre: Time Travel/Paranormal

Rosemary has escaped a volatile relationship with just barely her life when she finds herself transported back in time to only end up beaten, raped, and left for dead. Can she have the love she deserves and wants? Twins Geoff and Mathieu are both enamored with this young woman. Both fall in love with her but which one can capture her heart and convince that they will never hurt her. Through tough times and time travel and deaths Rosemary manages to find love more than once. She finds herself involved with a colorful group of men who will protect her at all costs. Roses Never Fade has great characters that tell a wondrous tale that is full of adventures. This story has twists and turns that the reader will not suspect, but will enjoy.  One cannot help but to root for the good guys.  This is a great one to add to your book collection.
Christy @ mayreviews.com]


 **** Excellent
Title: Chosen: The Chronicles of Winter
Author: Laura Bacchi
Publisher: Amber Quill Press
Publishers Website: www.amberquill.com
ISBN: 1-59279-494-7
Genre: Futuristic Romance
Length: Novella
Cover Artist: Trace Edward Zabor
Winter Anderson is in the mood for some fun. Her divorce is final from her cheating ex-husband, she is on the way to a picnic with her best friend, Bailey,and she just wants to let loose. On the way to picnic they find themselves behind a slow-moving truck with plates that say SZEMTRS. For a joke, Winter persuades Bailey to take some risqué photos of her by the plates to send to her ex-husband. As she is posing, her skirt gets stuck just as the owner, Brogan, heads toward his truck. Brogan is gorgeous and Winter’s first encounter with him is very interesting to say the least. Winter finds herself in Brogan’s truck headed into the swamp. Things just get stranger from there. Brogan will no longer touch her, because she is the “chosen” life mate of a powerful man on another planet. Winter finds herself faced with a bizarre choice…continue her current life or pack up and head into outer space with this gorgeous alien. Winter finds herself, her best friend, a coworker, and two hot aliens headed into space to her life mate. 
Things just get crazier once they start their journey and everyone is in for a surprise. This book grabbed me from the start, the banter between Winter and everyone was fun, it was like listening to your best friends chat. The characters were all interesting and really likable. I felt vested in each of their individual stories and wanted the best for all of them. The love scenes between Winter and Brogan were sizzling hot. Science fiction is usually not my chosen genre, but Laura Bacchi definitely pulled me in. I will be waiting and watching for the next two books in her Quintar trilogy!! The cover art was awesome, too!
Lori @ MayReviews.comhis

Thank You,
May Holley

**** Excellent
Title: Sleeping Oaks
Author: Jewel Adams
Publisher: Twin Souls Publication
Publishers Website: www.midnightshowcase.com
ISSN: 1555-5488
Genre: Time-Travel
Length: Novel
Cover Artist: Scott Carpenter

Emma Browning works with a museum that is restoring an 1825 plantation back to its original splendor. All her work will culminate in a costume ball followed by a tour of the plantation. While working at the plantation, Emma has been getting "vibes" of what must be the former owner. The funds that are allowing the plantation to be restored are shrouded in mystery. On the evening of the ball, Emma needs a moment alone and wonders into an empty room where a mirror is being stored. As she looks into the mirror, she gets a funny feeling of being pulled in. She quickly leaves the room and finds that everything is the same but somehow different is not so modern. She encounters a handsome man, Devon Swan, and they strike a deal. They will stay in each others company even if things begin to seem unusual. Emma does not realize what she has agreed to. When they reenter the ball, Devon introduces her as his fiancee. Devon has an instant attraction to the strange lady and wants to help her because she seems to be in need of help. He takes her home and she makes an impression on his whole household. Devon cannot seem to believe that Emma is actually from the future and this lack of trust is what sets in motion a string of events that pull the two apart.

Emma faces many challenges in 1825 from being kidnapped to being held as a virtual prisoner by the man who saves her from her kidnapper to being separated from the man she truly loves but did not have the time to convince of her love and her truth. Jewel Adams packs her stories with adventure, excitement, and an element of suspense. Sleeping Oaks pulled me right in and kept me hanging on for the whole ride. Emma and Devon have to face so many things to find one another again. Trust is a precious gift and they both struggle to find it. I loved these characters and I was rooting for them to overcome it all and be together through hurt feelings, misunderstanding, and time. Even the secondary characters are rich and play an amazing role throughout the story. Jewel Adams has a way of filling her characters with life. I would have liked to see a bit more of the actual adjustment to their "new time," but overall it was wonderful.
Lor i@MayReviews.com
**** Excellent

Forbidden 2: Neighborhood Watch
Author: Marteeka Karland
Publisher: Changeling Press LLC
Publisher's website : http://www.changelingpress.com
ISBN: 1-59596-133-X
Genre: Futuristic
Length: 65 Pages  short story
Cover Artist: Sahara Kelly

Dr. Mara Jenson is a human in an alien world performing the best she can with the medical knowledge her planet has taught her. On the planet Gothe’mar, every man is attended to by machine, and Dr. Mikkarn is confused as to his fellow Dr.’s methods of treatment. However, deep in his soul he knows that she is his ‘soul’s life mate’. But there is a problem, because Mikkarn’s body guard and best friend, Captain Kiril, knows that she belongs to him as well, and both men are willing to do anything to convince Mara that she belongs to them.

This read had me guessing the whole way what the outcome would be. I found the story easy to follow, with well developed characters. The sex was fantastic, and the men to die for. The knowle
dge of medical procedures was written very well, giving the reader a detailed perspective from a Dr.’s point of view and the feelings involved in any given situation on the operating table. Wonderful read.
Bon @MayReviews.com

Adam and E-V-E

Author Bridget Midway
Publisher Phaze
Publisher's website  www.Phaze.com
Isbn  1-59426-518-6
Form   E-book
Genre  Futuristic, Fantasy
Price:  for download and .50 in CD-R
Release date:  April 25, 2005
Adam and EVE are battling a Cerillions robot. Emergency Violator Equalizer is an enhanced female with a computer chip in her brain.  She and her partner Adam are protecting the human race.  Although EVE has a human body with tissue and organs Adam has made it clear that he hates robots, including EVE.  Unable to defeat the robot by normal weapons, Adam comes up with a plan.  It appears the robot responds by becoming nonviolent when EVE is happy.  Adam's kisses EVE and the robot lowers its gun.  So he makes love to her to see if it will give him an opportunity to attack the robot's weaknesses.
This is a face pace romance with lots of action and hot hot sexual situations.  Ms Midway certainly knows how to turn on the heat and kept me turning the pages to discover what happened next.  This is an excellent short story. The characters are realistic and the flow quick and smooth. The story line is intriguing and I thoroughly enjoyed reading this tale. I believe anyone that enjoys erotic stories will enjoy this explicit romance. I look forward to reading more of this authors work.
Reviewer  Kim  at MayReviews.com

**** Excellent
Ghost of a Chance
Author Felicia Forella
Publisher  Whiskey Creek Press
Publishers website  www.whiskeycreekpresstorrid.com
Genre:  Time Travel
Form  E-book
Length  Novella

Captain Nicolas Giordano had one true perfect love a candy apple red 64 Corvette that he was forced to leave behind because of the war.  Forty years later Bethany Harris has inherited his haunted car.  Nick needs help discovering what he has left undone in life that prevents him from going to heaven.  He needs help.  As Bethany is the first person since his death that can see and hear him Nick believes she is the one person that can help him find out how to get to heaven.

Bethany is willing to help Nick find his way to heaven to get him out of her car.  She needs to sell it and get on with her life.

Ms Forella has written an intriguing ghost tale.  The characters are endearing and I was pleased at how quickly I was pulled into the story. The flow was smooth as the story took me from present day into the past, while the ghost and heroine try to find Nick's path to heaven.  This is a wonderful love story that engages the emotions, and the sexual situations are Hot.  While hoping for the conclusion I wanted, the author made me wait to discover the ending, as I will allow you to enjoy and discover it.
Reviewer: Polly at MayReviews.com

***** Superior
Apolcalypse Dance
Author  M. Barnette
Publisher Phaze
Publishers Website www.Phaze.com
ISBN E book  1-59426-505-4
Cover Artist   Stacey L. King
Length  Novel
Genre    Futuristic, Sci-Fi, Fantasy

A world has changed since the war, and was now ruled by a feudal system.  A lone lonely man riding his bike, searching for human companionship, yet avoiding the human's that would kill for his possession he moves from town to town.  His magical bike moving super fast he crashes into a tree and cracks his skull. When he awakes he has suffered a memory lose and friendly people have found him.  He knows they are in trouble and he doesn't want to be drawn into their problems.

Traveling with her friends, Doctor Nikki finds the stranger and known that his wounds are fatal.  Yet when she checks him again he is healing.  Realizing he is an immortal like her friends Hawk and Dal that have saved her from slavery to Hawk's evil brother, she calls for Hawk.  They are on the run from Hawk's brother and now the truck has broken down, but Hawk thinks this new man can help them fight his evil brother.  If only they can get him to stay with them.

This is a wonderful story and would make a wonderful movie.  I hated to put it down for a moment. The tension and the way the writer fills in the details, the romance, and characters are developed perfectly.  Did I mention that the storyline is intriguing and the flow is smooth?  Barnette is new to me and now I want more. This writer's imagination is fine-tuned and the descriptions are clear.  Although immortal this is no vampire tale, but as a vampire lover I can tell you this is equal to all I have read.  I won't reveal the details of their immorality, as all are not the same, but I can tell you all are interesting, and keeping the differences separated is not in the least difficult.  The sex sizzles and the humor is endearing. I believe men will enjoy this as much as women. I look forward to reading much more from this writer.

Reviewer: Kim  at MayReviews.com


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